About Us

CoE-IP (Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Property)

With rapid acceleration of India’s digital economy marked by maturing of the tech startup ecosystem and growing internet penetration, the stage is now set for the country to leap into the transformative phase of economic development. It is critical at this juncture that innovators, startups and SMEs understand the value of intellectual property (IP) and ensure its adequate protection through various IPRs.

Patent Analysis Management System (PAMS) operating under the aegis of CoE-IP (Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Property) offers a gamut of IPR related services especially curated for ICT based innovators.

Our Mission

We aim to encourage indigenous innovation and recognize the value and capabilities of global IP and capture growth opportunities in the area of ICT.


  • To encourage the growth of IP in ICT by way of providing various IP related services
  • Creating awareness and facilitating IPR support to Startups/ SMEs/academia/inventors
  • Sensitizing about intellectual property protection and avoidance of infringement
  • Facilitation of know-how on various facets of IPR filing (patents, copyrights, trademark, etc.)
  • Providing IPR assistance to MeitY supported R&D projects

Bouquet of our services

  • IPR queries
  • Prior Art searches
  • Patent filing assistance
  • Patent Landscape reports

IP Commercialization

Commercially viable IP resources made available to startups for converting ideas into business opportunities.

Technology Handshake

Facilitating collaboration and partnering breakthroughs on technological innovations.


Insightful articles on latest IP trends especially curated for startups and innovators.

Bouquet of Services on Offer

Prior Art Searches, IPR Queries, Landscape Reports, IPR Filing Facilitation etc.