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ICT-IPR Ecosystem

India is home to one of the most vibrant tech startup ecosystems with more than 12000 tech startups in the space making it the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world.

With a surge in activities some megatrends have emerged encompassing the entire value chain of IPR management. This trends call for tech startups/SMEs to develop a proper IPR strategy for future growth. By recognizing the value of intellectual property rights as an asset will reap numerous benefits for the entrepreneurs and help leverage the capabilities of the thriving startup ecosystem.

IP Commercialization

Commercially viable IP resources made available to startups for converting ideas into business opportunities.

Technology Handshake

Facilitating collaboration and partnering breakthroughs on technological innovations.


Insightful articles on latest IP trends especially curated for startups and innovators.

Bouquet of Services on Offer

Prior Art Searches, IPR Queries, Landscape Reports, IPR Filing Facilitation etc.

Our Services

Prior Art Search

Our Patent engineers will assist you in patent filing by carrying out a prior art Search for your invention/innovative ideas. This comes absolutely free of cost.

IPR Queries

All kinds of IPR queries are answered by a team of experts in a time bound manner.

Landscape Reports

Patent landscape reports are provided to give an insight of a particular technology area with detailed analysis from the perspective of patents.

Invention Analysis

Comprehensive analysis done for inventions with detailed comments on novelty, non–obviousness and industrial application along with quality assessments.

IP Panorama

A step by step e-learning tool delving on different facets of IPR

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