IP Commercialization

S.No. Title Patent Application Number in Indian Patent Office Filling Date Applicant(s)
1 8051 microcontrollers for enhancing memory addressing capability and a method thereof 201641001748 Jan. 18, 2016 CDAC
2 A compact thermal reactor for rapid growth of high - quality carbon nanotubes (CNTs) produced by Che 3457/DEL/2013 Nov. 27, 2013 MEITY and Jamia Milia Islamia New Delhi
3 A Composition for filtration of microorganism and heavy metals and a process thereof 201831016639 May 2, 2018 IIT Guwahati
4 A device for determining sucrose concentration in a solution and a method thereof 2182/DEL/2014 Aug. 1, 2014 MEITY and CDAC
5 A device for Visual Detection of Bilirubin 631/KOL/2015 June 4, 2015 IIT Guwahati
6 A device with integrated methods for reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT -PCR) and/o 1259/KOL/2015 Dec. 9, 2015 IIT Guwahati
7 A direct sequence spread spectrum transceiver for wireless packet data 1441/DEL/2003 Nov. 20, 2003 MEITY and CDAC
8 A driving device for the Braille transcription of Indian language texts for blind education 1560/DEL/1997 June 11, 1997 MEITY and CMET
9 A lifting device for lifting an animal to upright position 322/DEL/2015 Feb. 4, 2015 MEITY, CDAC and Animal Husbandry Department, Government of Kerala
10 A Low Power n-bit SAR ADC with relaxed capacitive DAC 202021016090 April 14, 2020 NIT Goa
11 A low temperature co -fired ceramic substrate miniature fuel cell and manufacturing method therefor 495/DEL/2015 Feb. 21, 2015 MEITY and CMET
12 A Lung Condition Monitoring Device 201631033190 Sept. 28, 2016 IIT Guwahati
13 A metallisation technique for ultra -high vacuum grade joining of sapphire and ceramics to metals 1992/MUM/2009 Sept. 1, 2009 MEITY AND SAMEER
14 A Method and a Device for estimating Sound Recognition Score (SRS) of a subject 2978/CHE/2015 June 15, 2015 CDAC
15 A method and apparatus for demodulation of M -ARY QAM signals 974/CHE/2015 Feb. 27, 2015 CDAC
16 A Method and Device for zonal wavefront sensing by beam splitting 3935/DEL/2014 Dec. 26, 2014 MEITY and IIT Guwahati
17 A method and device for zonal wavefront sensing via sequential spatially shifted grating array patte 3752/DEL/2014 Dec. 18, 2014 MEITY and IIT Guwahati
18 A method and system for automated screening of cervical cancer 4098/CHE/2015 Aug. 6, 2015 CDAC and Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Trivandrumpuram
19 A method for cancelling echo from a received signal in A 2 -Way communication system and a system th 5098/CHE/2013 Nov. 11, 2013 MEITY and CDAC
20 A method for fabrication of Bismuth Sulphide glass nano composite comprising Mn+2 467/MUM/2013 Feb. 18, 2013 MEITY, CMET and laser Lab, Department of Physics, University of Pune
21 A method for optimizing target resolution and transmission power of an acoustic/ultrasonic based mob 3974/DEL/2015 Dec. 7, 2015 MEITY and CDAC
22 A Method for preparing Magneto Optical Glass comprising BI2TE3 Nanocrystals 242/MUM/2013 Jan. 28, 2013 MEITY and CMET
23 A method for synchronizing heterogeneous road traffic and system thereof 1087/CHE/2005 Aug. 8, 2005 MEITY and CDAC
24 A method of detecting double talk condition and system thereof 3634/DEL/2013 Dec. 9, 2013 MEITY and CDAC
25 A Method to generate Earthquake Early Warning using Mems Based Seimic Sensor and System Thereof 1061/CHE/2005 Aug. 4, 2005 MEITY and CDAC
26 A Method to manage and process electronic waste for recovering Valuable Materials 2069/DEL/2009 Oct. 1, 2009 MEITY
27 A micro or nanoscale magnetic material for filtering microwave and submillimetre waveband signals 3800/DEL/2014 Dec. 19, 2014 MEITY
28 A micro or nanoscale magnetic material for generating microwave and submillimetre waveband signals. 275/MUM/2011 Jan. 24, 2011 MEITY and CMET
29 A micro/nano photoconductor 1561/MUM/2010 May 18, 2010 MEITY and CMET
30 A microfluidic device for the poc detection of oleophilic biomarkers in hydrophilic analytes 201931052707A Dec. 18, 2019 IIT Guwahati
31 A Microfluidic Electrical Energy Harvester 201631036408 Oct. 24, 2016 IIT Guwahati
32 A Microfluidic Electrolyser for the continuous production and separation of Hydrogen/oxygen 201631012510 April 8, 2016 IIT Guwahati
33 A mobile RF Radiation detection device 201731037221 Oct. 20, 2017 IIT Guwahati
34 A non -conductive substrate with conductive tracks formed by laser ablation method 2335/MUM/2015 June 18, 2015 ED, CMET
35 A non -conductive substrate with tracks formed by sand blasting 130/MUM/2015 Jan. 13, 2015 ED, CMET
36 A non -linear processor for echo cancelling in two -way communication systems and a method thereof 4731/CHE/2013 Oct. 21, 2013 MEITY and CDAC
37 A phosphorus pastes for applications in solar cell and a process for formulation thereof 2344/DEL/2006 Oct. 27, 2006 MEITY and CMET
38 A planar waveguide -based comparator for monopoles application in particular ink band 121/KOL/2005 Feb. 21, 2005 MEITY and SAMEER
39 A point -of-care hand tremor detection system 201731018530 June 26, 2017 IIT Guwahati
40 A point of care system for detection of the physical stress at different parts of body 201731037222 Oct. 20, 2017 IIT Guwahati
41 A portable card for secure data transaction 201611004236 Feb. 5, 2016 MEITY and CDAC
42 A process and system for manufacturing stable fibre Bragg grating. 134/CHE/2009 Jan. 21, 2009 MEITY and IIT Madras
43 A process for implementation of poly silicon fuse structure 679/DEL/1997 March 18, 1997 Semiconductor Complex Limited
44 A process for making ammonia gas indicator using single wall carbon nanotube/alumina composite thick 3505/DEL/2012 Nov. 12, 2012 MEITY and Jamia Millia Islamia University
45 A process for making MWCNTs based NH3/NO2 Gas Sensor 2626/DEL/2013 Sept. 4, 2013 Jamia Milia Islamia New Delhi
46 A process for photocatalytic production of H2 from H2S using a glass composite with embedded NANO -C 3665/DEL/2014 Dec. 12, 2014 MEITY and CMET
47 A process for preparation of a novel room temperature ferroelectric (liquid) crystal compound (s)-2- 942/DEL/1998 April 15, 1998 MEITY
48 A process for preparation of Cadmium Sulphide/Glass nanocomposite containing CDS quantum dots 2414/DEL/2006 Nov. 6, 2006 MEITY
49 A process for preparation of homogenous polymer blends particularly blends of polycarbonate (PC) and 141/DEL/2011 Jan. 20, 2011 MEITY, IIT and Banaras Hindu University
50 A process for preparation of nano silver thin films 2343/DEL/2006 Oct. 27, 2006 Meity and IIT Madras
51 A process for preparing a glass composition for use in a silver paste 784/DEL/1999 May 25, 1999 MEITY
52 A process for preparing pseudo boehmite from aluminium metal 201611036739 Oct. 28, 2016 MEITY and ED, CMET
53 A process for preparing Zinc Indium sulphide nanoparticles and uses thereof 352/MUM/2014 Jan. 31, 2014 MEITY and CMET
54 A process for producing conductive polypyrrole nanofibers and polypyrrole nanofiber impregnated arti 133/MUM/2014 Jan. 15, 2014 MEITY and CMET
55 A process for purification of commercial grade hydrochloric acid for semiconductors 861/DEL/1999 June 10, 1999 MEITY
56 A process for synthesis of cadmium sulphide nanostructures 2993/MUM/2013 Sept. 16, 2013 MEITY and CMET
57 A process for synthesis of nanostructures of zinc sulphide 2994/MUM/2013 Sept. 16, 2013 MEITY and CMET
58 A process for the preparation glaze composition 519/DEL/1996 March 12, 1996 CMET
59 A process for the preparation of (s) -2- Chloro-3-(4- Benzamidoacetophenyl) -1- (4-Octyloxybenzoyl)- 940/DEL/1998 April 15, 1998 MEITY
60 A process for the preparation of (s) -2- Chloro-3-(4- Benzamidoacetophenyl)-1- (4'-Octyloxybenzoyl)- 944/DEL/1998 April 15, 1998 MEITY
61 A process for the preparation of (s)-2-Chloro3-(4- Benzamidoacetophenyl)-1- (4’-Nonyloxybenzoyl)- Be 941/DEL/1998 April 15, 1998 MEITY
62 A Process for the preparation of a Mosquito Repellent MAT Composition 322/BOM/1998 April 21, 1998 MEITY
63 A process for the preparation of acetone for the semiconductors 966/DEL/1999 July 13, 1999 MEITY
64 A process for the preparation of an organo - inorganic hybrid nanocomposite 915/DEL/2002 Sept. 10, 2002 MEITY and CMET
65 A process for the preparation of conducting polymer -based diodes 859/DEL/1999 June 10, 1999 MEITY
66 A process for the preparation of electronic grade Barium Carbonate 486/DEL/2002 April 23, 2002 MEITY and CMET
67 A process for the preparation of electronic grade Strontium Carbonate 487/DEL/2002 April 23, 2002 MEITY and CMET
68 A process for the preparation of methanol for semiconductors 0964/DEL/1999 July 13, 1999 MEITY
69 A process for the preparation of silica aerogel 442/DEL/2002 April 9, 2002 MEITY and CMET
70 A process for the preparation of silver epoxy paste 3865/DEL/1998 Dec. 31, 1998 MEITY
71 A process for the Preparation of Strontium titanate powders 3847/DEL/1998 Dec. 29, 1998 MEITY
72 A process for the purification of sulfuric acid for semiconductors 965/DEL/1999 July 13, 1999 MEITY
73 A secure programming interface for non -volatile memory in an embedded device 3364/DEL/2011 Nov. 24, 2011 MEITY and CDAC
74 A sensing device for use with a tractor 746/DEL/1997 March 25, 1997 MEITY
75 A single board digital controller for hybrid electric vehicle and similar ac drive system' 1411/DEL/2003 Nov. 14, 2003 MEITY and Electronics Research and Development Centre of India
76 A smart Meter in an advanced metering infrastructure 201841019141 May 22, 2018 CDAC
77 A solder pastes with improved shelf-life properties 440/DEL/2002 April 9, 2002 MEITY and CMET
78 A system and method for controlling counterfeiting of currency notes 1286/DEL/2003 Oct. 17, 2003 MEITY
79 A System and method for preserving privacy in digital payments using tokens and a payment router 201841044873 Nov. 28, 2018 CDAC
80 A System and Method for Recognition of Handwritten Telugu Characters 4745/CHE/2012 Nov. 13, 2012 IIT Madras
81 A system for detection of dominant DOSHA 981/MUM/2009 April 15, 2009 MEITY and CDAC
82 A system for determination of pulse strength 719/MUM/2010 March 18, 2010 MEITY and CDAC
83 A system for multilingual machine translation from English to Hindi and other Indian languages using 59/DEL/2003 Jan. 22, 2003 MEITY and IIT
84 A system for multilingual machine translation from English to Hindi and other Indian languages using 2441/Del/2004 Dec. 7, 2004 MEITY and IIT
85 A system for QOS Management for Heterogeneous Network and a method thereof 2713/DEL/2009 Dec. 24, 2009 MEITY and Indian institute of science
86 A system for segmentation of text embedded over graphics and a method thereof 225/DEL/2010 Feb. 2, 2010 MEITY and IIT Delhi
87 A system to generate a predetermined fractional period time delay 4212/CHE/2012 Oct. 10, 2012 MEITY and Indian Institute of Science
88 A technique for making ceramic to metal seals using the metal partner 1993/MUM/2009 Sept. 1, 2009 MEITY AND SAMEER
89 A technique of quick joining of ceramics to metals 1995/MUM/2009 Sept. 1, 2009 MEITY AND SAMEER
90 A Testing Device and Method for monitoring Silicide and Local Interconnect Process 1850/DEL/1997 July 2, 1997 MEITY and Semiconductor Complex limited
91 A tracking system for monitoring and controlling the position of mobile units 2042/DEL/1998 July 16, 1998 MEITY
92 A transducer -less computing unit for electric parameters and a method thereof 1087/CHE/2015 March 5, 2015 CDAC
93 A transmittance -based System/Kit for Point of Care Quantification of Biomarkers and use thereof 201631018620 May 31, 2016 IIT Guwahati
94 A user information system for multiple services public utilities counters operable by computer illit 2043/DEL/1998 July 16, 1998 MEITY
95 A Vertical MOS Structure 2625/DEL/1997 Sept. 15, 1997 Semiconductor Complex Limited
96 A voltage Sensing and Measurement System 201841007413 Feb. 27, 2018 CDAC
97 A wearable device made of thermal sensors and a system for the detection of cancer in human breast 201741017186 May 16, 2017 CMET, CDAC and Malabar Cancer Centre [MCC]
98 A wireless code division label switching router 1510/DEL/2003 Dec. 3, 2003 MEITY and CDAC
99 A wireless local area network transceiver 1509/DEL/2003 Dec. 3, 2003 MEITY and CDAC
100 An acoustic mobility aid for visually challenged and a method thereof 3184/DEL/2015 Oct. 5, 2015 CDAC
101 An apparatus for cooling of Jigs during a Magnetizing Operation 677/DEL/2002 June 24, 2002 MEITY and M/S Elin Electronics Ltd
102 An Apparatus for Measurement of the Polish percentage of Rice 508/DEL/2002 April 30, 2002 MEITY
103 An artificial intelligence system for bedroom environment based on sensed parameters from a bed 2364/CHE/2010 Aug. 17, 2010 MEITY and CDAC
104 An artificial intelligent system for health monitoring in a bedroom based on sensed parameter from a 2363/CHE/2010 Aug. 17, 2010 MEITY and CDAC
105 An Automated Anaesthesia Delivery System 502/DEL/2003 March 27, 2003 MEITY and EDUCAPOST Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research
106 An automatic magnetising, checking and fixing device for magnets of DC micromotors 1310/DEL/2002 Dec. 30, 2002 MEITY and M/s. Elin Electronics Ltd
107 An automatic networked carbon sink/sequestration estimation system and method to estimate the amount 201911004661 Feb. 6, 2019 MEITY and CDAC
108 An automation system for kitchen cabinets adapted to management stocks of items stories in said kitc 2318/CHE/2010 Aug. 12, 2010 MEITY and CDAC
109 An Automobile Roof SunShade 202121026280 None LNCT, University Bhopal
110 An auxiliary circuit in analog-to-digital converter for adaptive sampling architecture 202021014966 April 4, 2020 NIT Goa
111 An electronic instantaneous yarn tension measuring and recording device for ring frame 2302/DEL/2006 Oct. 19, 2006 MEITY and Ahmedabad textile Industry Research Association
112 An energy -efficient FLIPDAC switching technique for capacitive DAC in SAR ADCs 4314/CHE/2012 Oct. 16, 2012 MEITY and Indian Institute of Science
113 An equalizer for OFDM receiver system and a method thereof 1692/CHE/2015 March 31, 2015 CDAC
114 An improved automatic anaesthesia delivery system 2158/DEL/2007 Oct. 15, 2007 MEITY
115 An improved Method for purification of various grade 1,1,1 - Trichloroethane 321/BOM/1998 April 21, 1998 MEITY
116 An improved molecular beam epitaxy multi chamber cluster tool and process for integration of multipl 2607/DEL/2010 Nov. 1, 2010 MEITY and IIT
117 An improved MxN array multiplier 886/DEL/2002 Aug. 29, 2002 MEITY
118 An improved process for preparation of 4 -amino - 1 - napthalenesulfonic salt 1037/DEL/2001 Oct. 10, 2001 MEITY
119 An improved process for preparation of high surface area Hausmannite (MN3O4) powder 942/DEL/2002 Sept. 16, 2002 MEITY and CMET
120 An improved process for the preparation of photo - curable composition for dry resist application 813/DEL/2000 Sept. 7, 2000 MEITY
121 An improved process for the preparation of photocurable compositions for dry resist applications 492/DEL/2002 April 26, 2002 MEITY and Council of Scientific & Industrial Research
122 An improved process for the preparation of photocurable compositions of modified viscosity for dry r 815/DEL/2000 Sept. 7, 2000 MEITY
123 An improved solder paste composition 856/DEL/1999 June 10, 1999 MEITY
124 An Improved Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system 1410/DEL/2003 Nov. 14, 2003 MEITY
125 Apparatus for aroma measurement instrument for aromatic rice and a method thereof 1359/DEL/2012 May 3, 2012 MEITY and CDAC
126 Automatic speed controller for zone refiner 1070/DEL/2012 April 9, 2012 MEITY and CMET
127 Automation system for recipe management in a defined environment 2317/CHE/2010 Aug. 12, 2010 MEITY and CDAC
128 Automation system for trial rooms in a store for helping a user of a trial room in respect of items 2280/CHE/2010 Aug. 9, 2010 MEITY and CDAC
129 “Device and method for real -time monitoring and control of distributed power generating stations 6838/CHE/2015 Dec. 22, 2015 CDAC
130 Barium zirconium oxide (BaZrO3.BaCO3) nanoparticles 3550/MUM/2012 Dec. 18, 2012 MEITY and CMET
131 Brain computer interface 3296/DEL/2015 Oct. 13, 2015 CDAC
132 Cadmium sulfide in germanium dioxide -based glass nanocomposite 3529/MUM/2012 Dec. 14, 2012 MEITY and CMET
133 Carbon aerogel and process for preparation thereof 118/DEL/2015 Jan. 15, 2015 MEITY and CMET
134 Carbon aerogel composition, process of preparation and uses thereof 117/DEL/2015 Jan. 14, 2015 MEITY and CMET
135 Carbon aerogel, process of preparation and application thereof 439/DEL/2015 Feb. 16, 2015 MEITY and CMET
136 Carbon erogel -based electrode, aero capacitor, processes and applications thereof 440/DEL/2015 Feb. 16, 2015 MEITY and CMET
137 Cavity backed dipole antenna 125/KOL/2005 Feb. 21, 2005 MEITY and SAMEER
138 Centralized digital system for PPV and PPC multimedia services for conditional access system 201811007055 Feb. 24, 2018 MEITY and Jamia Millia Islamia University
139 Centralized wireless manager (WIM) for performance management of IEEE 802.11 and a method thereof 2898/DEL/2008 Dec. 19, 2008 MEITY and Indian institute of science
140 Ceramic filled fluoropolymer composite methods and application thereof 3815/DEL/2012 Dec. 12, 2012 MEITY and CMET
141 Composition comprising reduced Graphene Oxide, Supercapacitor and process of preparation thereof 293/CHE/2015 Jan. 20, 2015 MEITY and CMET
142 Composition, thermistor and methods thereof 1343/DEL/2015 May 13, 2015 MEITY and ED, CMET
143 Conductive solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte composition and a method for preparing the same 1573/DEL/2015 June 1, 2015 MEITY and ED, CMET
144 Development of Ink -Jet Printable Aqueous Conducting Polyaniline based Ink for Flexible Electronics 2140/MUM/2011 July 27, 2011 MEITY and CMET
145 Development of Polyaniline - Multiwalled Carbon nanotubes coated electrically conductive Fabrics 2141/MUM/2011 July 27, 2011 MEITY and CMET
146 Development of thermistor device and materials for gas sensors from the liquid crystalline polymer 1503/DEL/2011 May 25, 2011 Meity and Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology, Guwahati
147 Device and Method for Identifying Faulty Memory Locations 1528/DEL/2009 July 23, 2009 MEITY and BEL
148 Device and system for locating text on a printed document 201641000926 Jan. 11, 2016 CDAC
149 Distributed time synchronization of road traffic signal controllers using GPS 1619/CHE/2005 Nov. 8, 2005 MEITY and CDAC
150 Double quantum well nitride High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) 277/KOL/2015 March 13, 2015 IIT Kharagpur
151 Dynamics nShield system based SCADA Device security 201911053061 Dec. 21, 2019 MEITY and CDAC
152 Electroencephalogram (EEG) analyser and method for automated analysis of EEG signals for seizure det 1534/CHE/2015 March 25, 2015 CDAC
153 Expedient Synthesis of Molybdenum sulfide Nano Particles 1785/MUM/2011 June 20, 2011 MEITY and CMET
154 Forest preservation with monocular quadcopter 201741016766 May 12, 2017 International IIT Hyderabad
155 Free space optical communication system apparatus and a method thereof 2153/DEL/2015 July 15, 2015 MEITY and IIT Guwahati
156 Gallium antimonide bismite (GASBBI) layer by liquid phase epitaxy 3086/DEL/2015 Sept. 28, 2015 MEITY and University of Calcutta
157 Glass composite and method of preparation thereof 1504/MUM/2014 April 30, 2014 MEITY and CMET
158 Glass Nanocomposite and a process for preparing the same 169/MUM/2010 Jan. 21, 2001 MEITY and CMET
159 GPU Assisted Scheduling Technique (GAS) for Multicore Operating System 4101/CHE/2013 Sept. 12, 2013 MEITY and IIT Madras
160 Graphene -Polymer Nanocomposites and Photomechanical Actuators with high actuation properties thereo 526/DEL/2013 Feb. 22, 2013 MEITY & CMET
161 Health Monitoring for Organic Pomegranate Plantation Using Autonomous Quadcopter 201641044627 Dec. 28, 2016 International IIT Hyderabad
162 Humidity sensing performance of in -situ Fabricated Cu/cu2o/Cu2S - polymer nanocomposite via PPS cyc 247/MUM/2011 Jan. 28, 2011 MEITY and CMET
163 Humidity Sensor based on nanosized metal/ polymer composite 2463/MUM/2012 Aug. 24, 2012 MEITY and CMET
164 Image identifying and comparing system for identifying and/or comparing facial images 548/KOL/2013 May 14, 2013 MEITY and CDAC
165 Improved solder paste composition with residue cleanable with Non ODS solvents 441/DEL/2002 April 9, 2002 MEITY and CMET
166 Improved wave pipelined array multiplier 885/DEL/2002 Aug. 29, 2002 MEITY
167 Indore Monitoring System Using Ultra wideband Technology 202021049116 None LNCT, University Bhopal
168 Instrument for measurement of rice quality based on appearance 147/DEL/2012 Jan. 17, 2012 MEITY and CDAC
169 IOT based system for monitoring an IV Infusion 202021035220 None LNCT, University Bhopal
170 IOT based system for monitoring an IV Infusion 202021035220 None LNCT, University Bhopal
171 Low Distortion Active filters 2555/CHE/2010 Sept. 2, 2010 MEITY and IIT Madras
172 Low drop diode equivalent circuit 4639/CHE/2012 Nov. 6, 2012 MEITY and Indian Institute of Science
173 Low temperature friable 'green' thick film piezo resister compositions for flexible (steel) substrat 201611045089 Dec. 30, 2016 MEITY and CMET
174 Low temperature sinter able soft ceramic compositions for preparation and method thereof 101/DEL/2014 Jan. 14, 2014 MEITY and CMET
175 Metabolite quantitation package with iterative estimation algorithm for proton and phosphorus magnet 201611001944 Jan. 19, 2016 MEITY and National Brain Research Centre
176 Method and apparatus for imputing data particularly non -English character text with limited set of 820/MUM/2002 Sept. 12, 2002 CDAC
177 Method and apparatus for joint adaptation of two - /multi -dimensional equalizer and partial respons 201641024048 July 14, 2016 Indian Institute of Science
178 Method and apparatus for low power conditions time delta sigma modulation 781/CHE/2009 April 3, 2009 MEITY
179 Method and System for Adaptive Power Management 2674/DEL/2014 Sept. 17, 2014 MEITY and CDAC
180 Method and system for authenticating a user using a personal authentication device (pad) 201841024339 June 29, 2018 CDAC
181 Method and System for Generic Weighted LRU Based Group Adaptive Routing 1080/DEL/2004 June 9, 2004 CDAC
182 Method and system for predicting location and depth of abnormal tissue in breast of subject 201711047118 Dec. 28, 2017 MEITY, CMET and Malabar Cancer Centre (MCC)
183 Method and system for seamless session continuity of real -time multimedia applications across heter 4787/CHE/2013 Oct. 23, 2013 MEITY and Indian Institute of Science
184 Method and system for searching within an image database 2144/DEL/2011 July 28, 2011 MEITY and Dayalbagh Educational Institute
185 Method and system for secure group communication for dynamic group 201811022702 June 18, 2018 MEITY and Jamia Millia Islamia University
186 Method and system for voice-input healthcare standards complaint prescription entry for hospital man 202011006330 Dec. 13, 2020 CDAC
187 Method and System to reduce processing overheads of a receiver for High Performance Networks 1059/DEL/2004 June 8, 2004 MEITY and CDAC
188 Method of extraction and alignment curvilinear text of a captured image and a system thereof 109/CHE/2011 Jan. 13, 2011 MEITY and Indian Institute of Science
189 Method of implementing battery assisted passive UHF Processor based smart card and smart card theref 3162/DEL/2015 Oct. 1, 2015 MEITY and CDAC
190 Methods for the Preparation of Metal Selenide Semiconductor Quantum Dots 1799/MUM/2008 Aug. 27, 2008 MEITY and CMET
191 Microfluidic pocimmunosensor for noninvasive plasmonic detection of tear biomarkers 201931052707 Dec. 18, 2019 IIT Guwahati
192 Microwave disinfecting system for hospital waste 916/DEL/2002 Sept. 10, 2002 MEITY and SAMEER
193 Modified piezoelectric compositions for giant insulation resistance (GIS) in piezoceramic components 1372/DEL/2015 May 15, 2015 MEITY and CMET
194 Molybdenumm Sulfide Nanoparticlesles containing Formulation 2688/MUM/2012 Sept. 14, 2012 MEITY and CMET
195 Multi -Channel Multi - W - PAN gateway and multi - channel wireless nodes for IEEE802.15.4 based hig 185/CHE/2015 Jan. 13, 2015 CDAC
196 Multi -layer bus architecture for 3 -level converter 1200/CHE/2005 Aug. 29, 2005 MEITY and CDAC
197 Nano -zinc Oxide, process of preparation and applications thereof 2348/DEL/2015 July 30, 2015 MEITY and ED, CMET
198 Nanocomposites, methods of their synthesis and humidity sensing application thereof 3194/MUM/2012 Nov. 2, 2012 MEITY and CMET
199 Negative temperature co - efficient thermistor composition and a process for preparing the same 201611045045 Dec. 30, 2016 MEITY and CMET
200 Novel glass ceramic electrolyte for low temperature solid 57/MUM/2015 Jan. 7, 2015 ED, CMET and MEITY
201 Novel process for the smelting of printed circuit boards 202111006079 Feb. 12, 2021 MEITY and CMET
202 Optical limiting device with highest laser damage threshold and method of preparation thereof. 1273/CHE/2005 Sept. 12, 2005 Meity and IIT Chennai
203 optimized ultra -thin alloys lead sub 140 degree Celsius and low pressure 2.5bar cu -cu bonding for 201641035405 Oct. 17, 2016 IIT Hyderabad
204 Patent filing request for invention titled A data scheduling register tree structure for Radix-2 FF" 202041007125 Feb. 19, 2020 NIT Trichy
205 POCT Device to Detect Cervical Cancer Specific Biomarker 202031034400 Aug. 11, 2020 IIT Guwahati
206 Polymer Based Sensor Device for Sensing Nitroaromatic Compounds 3613/DEL/2014 Dec. 9, 2014 MEITY and Institute of advanced study in Science & Technology (IASST)
207 Preparation of CDs/Cdsse doped glasses for optical cut off filters 2413/DEL/2006 Nov. 6, 2006 CMET
208 Process for Coagulation of Latex 202021040361 None LNCT, University Bhopal
209 Realization of isolated Zener diodes in CMOS process for surge protection and voltage regulation 374/DEL/1997 Feb. 17, 1997 Semiconductor Complex limited
210 Reed -Solomon decoders and decoding methods 201641025928 July 28, 2016 Indian Institute of Science
211 Removal of oxides during the purification of cadmium 3191/DEL/2011 Nov. 11, 2011 MEITY and CMET
212 Smart Gateway Device 202111023481 May 26, 2021 MEITY and CDAC
213 Smart Mask (S -Mask) for COPD sufferers 201711032446 Sept. 13, 2017 Feroze Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology and Registrar, University of Calcutta
214 Smart Solar Tracker 202021041487 None LNCT, University Bhopal
215 Stabilized bimetallic nanostructures for humidity sensing and a process for their preparation 1836/MUM/2010 June 21, 2010 MEITY and CMET
216 Support structure for animals 2713/DEL/2014 Sept. 22, 2014 MEITY, CDAC and Animal Husbandry Department, Government of Kerala
217 Synthesis of nanostructures of metal doped Cadmium Sulphide 3235/MUM/2010 Nov. 26, 2010 MEITY and CMET
218 System adapted to wirelessly control illuminance in a defined environment containing at least one li 2281/CHE/2010 Aug. 9, 2010 MEITY and CDAC
219 System and Method for built -in self-test (BIST) in an integrated circuit 4068/CHE/2012 Sept. 28, 2015 MEITY and Indian institute of science
220 System for securing user identity information and a device thereof 6837/CHE/2015 Dec. 22, 2015 CDAC
221 System, apparatus and method for monitoring of surface profile and thickness measurement in thin fil 4088/DEL/2015 Dec. 12, 2015 MEITY and IIT Guwahati
222 Visual aid system for visual monitoring of a user in accordance with pre - defined parameters 2292/CHE/2010 Aug. 10, 2010 MEITY and CDAC
223 Weight measuring Machine 202021021470 None LNCT, University Bhopal
224 Wireless dimmable lighting system with heat dissipation capability 2282/CHE/2010 Aug. 9, 2010 MEITY and CDAC
225 Wirelessly operated led device for photodynamic therapy and subsequent monitoring of therapeutic suc 201731031603 Sept. 6, 2017 IIT Guwahati
226 X -ray shielding material and method of preparation thereof 3551/MUM/2012 Dec. 18, 2012 MEITY and CMET