Intellectual property is at the core of business ventures and critical to successfully compete internationally. However, skills to commercialize technological innovations remain a crucial impediment to innovative companies aspiring to become world leaders in global ICTE markets.

ICT has its own complexities in terms of IPR, the case in point being the Computer Related Inventions (CRI) wherein different countries are having their own standards and interpretations. Also ICT related innovations can be protected in terms of multiple IPRs i.e. patents, copyrights and trade secrets.

Thus a robust IPR- ICT ecosystem can only help capitalize on the growth-enhancing effects of innovations vis-à-vis ICTE. The IPR-ICT ecosystem has to be global in geographic scope, spearhead shaping appropriate framework conditions for innovation and assist in charting out policy roadmaps for sustainable and inclusive growth.

With this in mind MeitY(erstwhile DeitY) and EPO is working together in developing a close cooperation to promote IPR in ICTE domain, especially with respect to sharing of best practices and procedures for filing and processing ICTE patents in India and Europe by Indian and European firms.

After successful implementation of the Work Plan 2013-15, work is underway to achieve the deliverables under Work Plan 2015-17.

As part of the Work Plan proceedings three conferences exploring patents for Computer Implemented Inventions and ipr-ict ecosystem were successfully held New Delhi, Munich and Bengaluru. These were preceded by training programmes that imparted training to Indian patent search specialists on patent search and patent information.


The objective of the Seminar on "Patent Search and Patent Information for Informed Business Decisions” organised by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a premier r&d organisation under the patronage of Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India, is to create an expertise in prior art search in ICT technologies and Computer Related Inventions (CRI).


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September 30

New Delhi




Mr. Gino Herreman

BE, Director ICT, EPO The Hague

He graduated in 1983 as mechanical-electrotechnical engineer with specialisation electronics at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium (Vrije Universiteit Brussel). In 1986 he joined the European Patent Office as examiner, in a computer related field, namely the area of fault detection and correction, fault tolerance and monitoring. From the mid-nineties, he was also active as coach and instructor for newcomers in the office. In 2004 he became director at the EPO, heading a directorate responsible for ICT-applications, amongst other dealing with Human Computer Interfaces and portable devices. In the past 12 years, Gino has been active in many working groups, one of them concerning the redrafting of the EPC Guidelines. He is also a regular presenter, giving presentations worldwide on topics like the patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions.


Registrations closed

Event Schedule


Challenges and Opportunities in Building a Sustainable Global IPR Ecosystem for Promotion of Innovation in ICTE Sector


IPR Policy Perspective for Promoting Innovation - India and Europe


Standard Essential Patent Issues and Perspective with regard to ICTE


Patent Information and Analysis : A Tool for Building Business strategies


Registration 09:30-10:00 hrs
Inaugural Session
Welcome remarks by Sh. R Y Deshpande, Legal Head, C-DAC 10:00-10:10 hrs
Inaugural Address by Mr. Gino Herreman, Director, EPO 10:00-10:20 hrs
Keynote Address by Dr. Debashis Dutta, Group Coordinator, MeitY 10:20-10:30 hrs
Special Address by Mr. Yashawant Dev Panwar, Head PFC, Patent Facilitating Centre (PFC), TIFAC 10:30-10:40 hrs
Vote of Thanks 10:40-10:45 hrs
Tea/Coffee Break 10:45-11:00 hrs
Presentation by the Mr. Gino Herreman, Director, EPO and Dr. A K Garg, Director, MeitY on "Computer Related Inventions (CRIs) and patentability perspective in India and Europe" 11:00-11:45 hrs Download Presentation 1
Download Presentation 2
Question and Answer 11:45-12:00 hrs
Presentation by Ms. Dipti, TIFAC on "How to do prior art search with focus on ICTE Domain" 12:00-12:25 hrs Download Presentation
Question and Answer 12:25-12:35 hrs
Presentation by Ms. Nidhi Sandal, DRDO on "Freedom to Operate : A prerequisite from the commercialization perspective" 12:35-13:00 hrs Download Presentation
Question and Answer 13:00-13:10 hrs
Lunch 13:10-14:00 hrs
Presentation by Mr. Arvind Chopra, Intrustglobal on "Patent Landscape as a tool for R&D and Innovation" 14:00-14:25 hrs Download Presentation
Question and Answer 14:25-14:35 hrs
Presentation by Ms. Sheetal Pandey, C-DAC on "Benefits of patents to MSMEs and Startups-some case laws/ success stories" 14:35-15:00 hrs Download Presentation
Question and Answer 15:00-15:10 hrs
Tea/Coffee break 15:10-15:25 hrs
Presentation by Mr. Gino Herreman, Director, EPO on "Latest developments in patent filing and prosecution at the EPO" 15:25-16:00 hrs Download Presentation
Question and Answer 16:00-16:10 hrs
Panel Discussion on "Standards and Patents : Roles and linkages"
  • Dr. A.K.Garg, Director, MeitY
  • Mr. Gino Herreman, Director, EPO
  • Mr. Yashawant Dev Panwar, Head PFC, Patent Facilitating Centre (PFC), TIFAC
  • Dr. Sheetal Chopra, India Lead - IPR Policy, Ericsson
16:10-17:00 hrs
Question and Answer 17:00-17:15 hrs
Valedictory /Felicitation of Trainers 17:15-17:30 hrs

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