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Innovation is essential not only for a thriving ICTE sector but also positively impacts the overall economic climate. Intellectual property as an essential ingredient to spur innovation and entrepreneurship, aids businesses to develop ICTE solutions, create jobs and wealth and most importantly to compete successfully on a global scale.

Understanding this business imperative, MeitY and EPO is consistently working together in fostering a robust IPR-ICT ecosystem to help capitalize on the growth-enhancing effects of innovation vis-à-vis ICTE.

This year’s conference aptly titled “Creating a Robust IP Ecosystem for ICT in the 21st Century” organised by Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a premier R&D organisation, takes a holistic view of some of the key issues facing the Indian and European ICTE industries.

As emerging technologies such as IoT, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain evolve rapidly disrupting existing businesses and create opportunities for new value chains, we take a look at how IPRs can actually serve to foster rather than hinder innovations.

Computer Related inventions are another area that has been the subject of numerous discussions with respective jurisdictions developing its own set of parameters to evaluate. As legislators set out to devise a clear and comprehensive approach to patenting of computer related inventions, we take a look at the evolving global legal perspectives. Finally, we look at the software product entrepreneurship industry and assess the role of innovation and intellectual property rights as a foundation of the software industry.

Launch of Indo-European IPR Platform

Within the framework of Bilateral Co-operation between MeitY and EPO, it has been agreed to create an Indo-European IP collaboration platform that facilitates the filing, protection and commercialisation of ICT patents within and across the two constituencies.

The Indo-European IP platform, the first of its kind, provides a gateway to the patent systems in India and Europe and is designed to help innovators, especially SMEs, start-ups, universities and individual investors, to successfully navigate the respective patent landscapes with a view to fostering bilateral collaboration, investment and trade.

4 December

New Delhi




Grant Philpott

Grant Philpott

Chief Operating Officer, Information and Communications Technology of EPO

Grant Philpott has been Principal Director in the search and examination area of the European Patent Office (EPO) since March 2012. In 2014 he brought together the EPO’s computer and telecommunications patenting operations, and now manages the resultant information and communication technology unit comprising over 700 highly qualified patent examiners based in The Hague and Munich. Prior to 2012 Mr. Philpott was responsible for the EPO’s semiconductor patenting directorate in Munich. During his 26 years at the EPO he has worked across a broad range of technical fields including mechanics and industrial chemistry, as a committee member of the European qualifying exam, in the EPO’s Controlling Office and for several automation projects. Before joining the EPO Mr. Philpott spent several years as director of the Brazilian subsidiary of a German electrical components manufacturer and as an engineering officer in the British Army. He holds an engineering degree from Cambridge University.

Nicholas Körnig coordinates the European Patent Office's bilateral cooperation programmes with ARIPO, Australia, Canada, India, Israel, Korea and South Africa. Before this he was responsible for the EPO's co-operation programmes in South-East Asia, including the EC-ASEAN Intellectual Property Rights Cooperation Programmes (ECAP). In 2012 he briefly joined Saana Consulting in London, managing the company's Intellectual Property, Innovation & Technology practice. Before joining the EPO, Nicholas worked as a consultant at the Programme Management Unit of ECAP II in Bangkok, Thailand. Nicholas holds a first class Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the University of Leicester, a Master’s degree in EU Politics from the London School of Economics, and has undertaken an IP law specialisation programme at the University of South Africa

Nicholas Körnig

Nicholas Körnig

Administrator International Co-operation European Patent Office

Heinz Goddar

Heinz Goddar

German Patent Attorney and European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Heinz Goddar, Prof., Dr., a German Patent Attorney and European Patent and Trademark Attorney, is a partner of Boehmert & Boehmert, with his office at Munich, Germany. Technical background (as well as PhD degree) in physics, with a focus on polymer physics. He teaches Patent and Licensing Law as an Honorary Professor at the University of Bremen, Germany, as a Lecturer at the Munich Intellectual Property Law Center (MIPLC), Munich, Germany, as a Visiting Professor at the University of Washington, Seattle, WA, U.S.A., and the National ChengChi University, Taipei, and as a Consultant Professor at the University of Huazhong, Wuhan, China. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Tongji Global Intellectual Property Institute (TGIPI), Shanghai, China. Prof. Dr. Goddar is an Adjunct Professor and an Honorable Consultant in International Legal Services at the National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin, Taiwan. He is also a Director at the Global Institute of Intellectual Property (GIIP), Delhi. He is a Past President of LES International and of LES Germany and has received the Gold Medal of LES International. In 2014 he has been inducted into the IP Hall of Fame. Contact and further information: goddar@boehmert.de, http://www.boehmert.de.

Gerard is engaged in the "IP5 Cooperation" at the EPO, working with the patent offices of China, Japan, Korea and the US, and WIPO in Geneva. Gerard is responsible for coordinating EPO initiatives relating to IP5 Working Group 2, “IT related initiatives”, including the Global Dossier and the Global Dossier Task Force. Gerard is also responsible for coordinating EPO activities relating to the interactions between the global patent system and international standards development, concerning for instance “smart phones” and the Internet of Things / “Industry 4.0”. Gerard liaises with standards development organisations, with the European Commission, and with other stakeholders in this area. Gerard has been working at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich for 30 years. Holding degrees in Biochemical Engineering, and Human-Computer Interaction, he worked as a patent examiner, then for many years on managing business and user-related aspects of computer projects. He has also coordinated bilateral activities between EPO and WIPO, and Public Policy Issues, including the interactions of the global patent system with initiatives in climate change, standards, and life sciences.

Gerard Owens

Gerard Owens

EPO Coordinator for IP5 including the Global Dossier; and “Patents and Standards”

Ganapathy Narayanan

Ganapathy Narayanan

Lead-IP Governance, Tata Consultancy Services

Ganapathy Narayanan is currently responsible for designing, conceptualizing and implementing the governance of IP and Engineering initiatives at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., a global IT Services, Consulting and Business Solutions Company and a part of the global industrial conglomerate, the Tata group. He holds a graduate degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Computer and Control Engineering. In a career spanning over 34 years, he was worked in various multinational and Tata Group companies in development and management of a wide spectrum of technologies that include embedded systems, defense, industrial control and media technologies. He is also currently a member of the IP committee of FICCI, Vice President – West of LES India, and the Regional Ambassador for India for International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) IP Commission. He also features in the IAM strategy 300 – 2017 list. He has been with TCS for over 17 years in different leadership roles. Prior to his current role, he was managing the operations of the IP and Engineering group, implementing the IP policy and Operating principles. Earlier, he was managing the Open Source Software Initiative in TCS, and institutionalized the Open Source Software License compliance process across TCS [2009-2012]. He also was driving media technologies initiative in TCS earlier. He was then also the TCS nominated member of the Technology Advisory Board at the Entertainment Technology Center, University of Southern California, [2008] driving and researching on the adoption of cutting edge media technologies.

Nikhil Malhotra is the head of Maker’s Lab, a unique Thin-q-bator space within TechMahindra with over 16+ years of experience in a variety of technology domains. Nikhil has been working with TechMahindra for the past 10 years and is now leading the growth of Digital within the organization. Nikhil has a vast experience as a consultant and as an enterprise architect and has an extensive experience in interacting with clients across the world. In his present avatar he is leading the development of innovative IPs around customer experience , solutions that include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, emotions tracking to name but a few. Nikhil has also designed an indigenous robot in his lab, as a personal assistant. He lives by a dream of creating smart machines that would wed human emotions with artificial intelligence to make lives better. His perseverance of creating an IP based incubator paid off in many forms; one being the idea of replicating Maker’s Lab , his brain child across the world.

Nikhil Malhotra

Nikhil Malhotra

Head-Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra

Raimund Lutz

Raimund Lutz

EPO Vice President

Following completion of his law degree, Raimund Lutz worked for three years as a Judge and public prosecutor in Munich before working at the Federal Ministry of Justice, Bonn, in the division for commercial and economic law. In 1989, he joined the German Patent Office as the Head of the Berlin division, and from 1997 he was, in addition, the director of the trade mark division at the Office in Munich. From 2000-2005 Mr Lutz was Deputy director general for commercial, economic and intellectual property law at the Federal Ministry of Justice in Berlin. In 2006, he was appointed President of the Federal Patent Court in Munich where he worked until joining the European Patent Office as Vice-President and Director General of the Directorate General "Legal and International Affairs" in 2011

K R Sanjiv is the Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Wipro's global IT Business. Sanjiv leads the company’s technology vision and strategy. As a senior industry leader, he has been a major influencer of how Wipro assesses and uses emerging technologies to incubate ideas that create new business models for global clients. His responsibilities include nurturing the organization’s ecosystem for innovation and IP creation, fostering industry and academic alliances, driving architectural standards and defining governance models. Sanjiv joined Wipro in 1989 and served as the Global Head of Analytics & Information Management for several years, carrying a P&L responsibility, before taking on the role of CTO. His experience includes consulting, application and technology development across multiple industries. Sanjiv is a member of a variety of industry forums and is also a regular speaker at CxO summits, industry and academic conferences where his views, particularly on Business Technology, are closely followed. Sanjiv holds a bachelor's degree from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani, India.

K R Sanjiv

K R Sanjiv

Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Wipro's global IT Busines

Georg Weber

Georg Weber

Director ICT, EPO

Georg Weber began his career at the European Patent Office (EPO) as an examiner in the technical field of food chemistry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics but also agriculture, mining and general process engineering. In 2003 he became director of a department for biomedical engineering. Since 2005 has been a director in the ICT field and followed the patent filing trends in this strong growing area over more than one decade.


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Event Highlights


Welcome addresses and keynote speech


Panel discussion on the Role of IPRs in emerging technologies (IoT, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Block chain)


Panel discussion on evolving global legal perspectives w.r.t Computer Related Inventions (CRI) (EU, Chinese, Japan, USA)


Panel discussion on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Role of IPR in Software product Industry

Tentative Agenda

Registration Help Desk 08:30-09:00 hrs
Welcome addresses and keynote speech • Welcome Address by Dr Debhasish Dutta,
MeitY , Group coordinator (R&D in Electronics), MeitY

• Inaugural speech by Mr. K R Sanjiv,
Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), WIPRO (tbc)

• Keynote address by the Mr Raimund Lutz,
EPO Vice President
on The European Patent Office: Serving the global economy

• Address by Guest of Honour by Ms. Pratibha Singh,
Judge Delhi High Court (tbc)

Official launch of Indo-European IPR Platform

• Vote of Thanks by the Joint Secretary, DIPP
09:00-10:45 hrs
Coffee Break 10:45 hrs-11:15 hrs
Panel discussion on the Role of IPRs in emerging technologies (IoT, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Block chain etc.) Co-Chaired: Mr Raimund Lutz, EPO Vice President / MeitY (tba)
Speakers: Mr Grant Philpott, Chief Operating Officer ICT, EPO
Dr Debhasish Dutta, Group coordinator (R&D in Electronics), MeitY
Mr. Ganapathy Narayanan, Lead-IP Governance, Tata Consultancy Services
Shri Nakul Saxena, iSPIRT Foundation
11:15 hrs-12:30 hrs
Lunch Break 12:30 hrs-13:30 hrs
Panel discussion on evolving global legal perspectives w.r.t Computer Related Inventions (CRI) (EU, Chinese, Japan, USA etc.) Co-Chaired: Mr Grant Philpott, EPO / MeitY (tba)
Speakers: Mr Georg Weber, Director ICT, EPO
Mr. Rajiv Aggarwal, Joint Secretary, DIPP
European Commission representative (tba)
USPTO Representative (tbc)
Mr. Pravin Anand, ANAND & ANAND
Japan, EU and Chinese industry representative (tbc)
13:30-15:00 hrs
Panel discussion on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Role of IPR in Software product Industry Co-Chaired: Mr Grant Philpott, EPO / MeitY (tbc)
Speakers: Prof. Heinz Goddar, European and German Patent and Trademark
Attorney, Boehmert & Boehmert
Dr. A K Garg, Director, MeitY
Mr Gerard Owens, Patents & Standards Expert, EPO
Mr. Nikhil Malhotra, Head-Makers Lab, Tech Mahindra
European software product company / association
15:00-16:30 hrs
Tea Break 16:30 hrs-16:45 hrs

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