About IP Commercialization

IP Commercialization

Role of IPR in sustaining the Innovation Process

In the knowlwdge base economy intellectual property is an essential ingredient to spur innovation and entrepreneurship. It helps organisations to develop products & solutions, create employment, generate wealth and most importantly to compete successfully on a global platform. Patents are an important element of the R&D centric ict-ipr ecosystem.

Patent applications are a rich repository of technical and scientific information accessible to all through patent office databases. The humungous knowledge pool which probably would have not existed without the patent system in turn stimulates further research and development- thereby creating a virtuous cycle of innovation.Intellectual property rights foster this virtuous cycle of innovation and creation. It ensures that rewards typically flow to those who improve upon previous works and inventions and that these new ideas can be utilised by others. Technologies and creations that have touched and changed umpteen lives would probably have not existed today without the incentives offered by intellectual property.

Our Strategy

  • To transform technical ideas/knowledge into viable products and services through protection and licensing of intellectual property
  • To connect innovators/applicants with industry and technology partners
  • To faclitate early-stage technologies into new products and services thorugh IP based services to bolster the startup entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • To forge a win win partnership among various technology partners