Invention Analysis

Invention Analysis

Invention or patent analysis is carried out for patent application claims filed at Indian Patent Office as well as for inventions for which complete Patent specification is ready. A detailed analysis of the claims can reveal the extent of overlap with the prior art documents and in coming out with the best solution.
A unique feature of our invention analysis is the ‘anticipatory remarks’ giving an indication that the invention may be objected to under non patentable sections of Indian Patent Act also. This helps the inventors to realign the claim strategy for meeting patentability requirements.
Currently this service is offered free of cost to Individual startups, inventors, Govt R&D laboratories, universities, colleges and academic institutions approved by UGC. However C-DAC reserves right to provide any one or more services available free or for fee to any person

How to use this service

You need to register with the portal by filling in the registration form. After registration, login through the portal and you would get your Homepage with the option to use the portal services. You just need to register once to avail any of the services provided by the portal.
After logging in, select the Portal Services -> -> Invention Analysis tab -> Fill in the details -> Submit.
Our experts would send the invention analysis report in the email

Unique features

  • Comprehensive reports with comments on novelty, non–obviousness and industrial application
  • Quality assessments
  • Assistance at the stage of issuance of office actions to inventors helps in preparing detailed rebuttal of novelty and non –obviousness rejections
  • Reports delivered within 3-4 working days
  • Free services