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With the growth of the IT industry as well as other technical sectors an urgent need is felt to protect the IPR generated out in India. Scientists and scholars alike need to be able to protect their ideas and ensure that thier Intellectual property is protected.

It is to fill this very important lacuna that the Patent Analysis Management System has been conceived and designed. It is specially targeted for SME sector for sharing/dissemination of knowledge to the concerned/interested parties on analysis of Indian ICT patents and protection of Indian ICT IP. Also, it creates awareness in the IPR Domain which is necessary for any country & its R&D institutions to keep abreast of latest developments/happenings so as to create a niche for itself in various technological fields.

In a nutshell, this portal provides all the means to keep watch on IP search which is required not only to generate unique IP but also to ensure avoidance of infringement and also take necessary actions to prevent/minimize or curb violation of its IP by others. This portal is a platform through which you may like to avail listed services such as IPR Query, Prior art Search, Invention Analysis etc.

Our Vision

To place India among the Intellectual Superpowers in the world. 

To protect the rich IPR generated out by our country. 

To proliferate the Intellectual Property Rights across the nation and spread awareness to protect their violation by any means, as they play an important role in the economic, social and cultural development of any country. 

To harness the Intellectual Property assets of the country and to increase awareness of the problems and dangers associated with intellectual property right violations.

Our Mission

The Patents & IPR Division of DietY aims to encourage indigenous innovation and to recognize the value and capabilities of global IP and capture growth opportunities in the area of information technology and electronics.

The main goals/objectives are :

To promote technological & industrial progress throughout the country and strengthen the national economy.

To serve, help and smoothen the progress of owners of intellectual property and cultivates ties of reciprocated friendship and understanding among the domain/legal experts who are practicing in the field of intellectual and industrial property law.

Help in the development & protection of Intellectual Property Rights in India.

To enhance the knowledge and understanding of the “common man” about the IPR issues and also about the economic and social harm associated with its infringement.

And above all, to craft a society where intellectual property would be valued and safeguarded.


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