CoE-IP MSH Webinar Series

CoE-IP MSH Webinar Series

Centre of Excellence in Intellectual Property (CoE-IP) in association with MeitY Startup Hub (MSH) is conducting a series of workshops on different facets of IPR for the benefit of various stakeholders.

Prime highlights

  • Fortnightly programs for different stakeholders-Startups/academia /SMEs/R&D institutions
  • Discerning speakers with proven track records
  • Dedicated sessions followed by Q&As
  • Post-session guidance

IP Commercialization

Commercially viable IP resources made available to startups for converting ideas into business opportunities.

Technology Handshake

Facilitating collaboration and partnering breakthroughs on technological innovations.


Insightful articles on latest IP trends especially curated for startups and innovators.

Bouquet of Services on Offer

Prior Art Searches, IPR Queries, Landscape Reports, IPR Filing Facilitation etc.

Our next session is coming soon..

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